CEDHA History

The Centre for Educational Development in Health – Arusha (CEDHA) is a professional institute established under the Directorate of Human Resources Development in the Ministry of Health (MOH), Tanzania. CEDHA was established in 1983 to strengthen and support the health-care system by providing the relevance and efficiency of human resource training for health. The centre develops and supports programmes in training health workers on Health Systems Research; Development of Resources Centres, and Health Learning Materials; Health Management and Planning; Reproductive and Child Health; Research Methodologies; Health Program Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluations; Research and Consultancies.
CEDHA recognizes that the dynamism and complexity of the health sector in the 21st century has continued to threaten universal access to primary health care in Tanzania. Rapid urbanization, HIV/AIDS and Ebola pandemics, resurgence of diseases like malaria and tuberculosis, the rising incidence of non communicable diseases, declining public expenditure on health, and health sector reforms are some of the challenges that have continued to place increased demands on health services.

Over the years, Tanzania has embarked on implementing Health Sector Reforms (HSR) to improve provision and quality of health care. However, the subsequent decentralization of health management to the district levels has remained a big challenge. The successful implementation and sustainability of such reforms requires competent and motivated health personnel. It is against this background that CEDHA has embraced a comprehensive training approach that is competent and sustainable in equipping health workers with abilities, skills and attitudes that are vital to the improved performance of their jobs, and also to keep pace with current knowledge and technology changes in their areas of competence.

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