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Long Courses

1: Ordinary Diploma in Health Personnel Education


The course started in 1984 and is a full time residential course lasting for one academic year of 11 months. It is modularized and semesterized. It uses competency-based curriculum validated by NACTE. The aim of this course is to equip the participants with teaching, management and research skills so as to improve the teaching in the various health training institutions. The target audiences are teachers of health training institutions who have never had training in teaching methodology; irrespective of the cadre

2. Ordinary Diploma in Health Information Science

The courses started in November 2017. It is a three year full-time course. The programme aims at training providers of health information services in institutions that provide health services including academic institutions, health research centres and healthcare service delivery in general.

3. Ordinary Diploma in District Health Management

The course started in 2006 and is delivered in a blended approach of face to face and distance education. It uses competence based modularized curriculum with a total of nine modules. At the beginning of each module, participants attend a two weeks face to face teaching at the institution, and then they return to their work places to continue learning and work on assignments to accomplish the module contents. Each year three modules are covered, thus taking three years to accomplish the course. The programme aims at developing competent heath managers of the district health system.

4. Basic Technicians Certificate in Community Health

The course started in November 2015. It is one year full-time course. The programme aims at training providers of health and social welfare services at community level or health care facility.

Short Courses

Demand driven short courses for health personnel are periodically conducted by CEDHA as part of continuing education. These include Teaching methodology, curriculum development, assessment of students’ performance, research methodology, health services management and supervision, as well as reproductive and child health services.

1. Basic Hospital Management Team

Centre for Educational Development in Health Arusha (CEDHA), a public institution operating under the Ministry of Health Community Development Gender Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC), in collaboration with JICA are offering a course to capacitate Regional Referral Hospital Management Team (RRHMT) members to manage Regional Referral Hospitals (RRHs). The RRHs have several departments and are expected to provide a high standard of both basic and advanced patient care. Managing all this may be confusing and stressfull for Hospital Managers without management skills training. Hence, the need for this Basic Hospital Management Training to help these Managers run the hospitals efficiently.




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